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Managing natural gas costs —

We’re here to help

You count on us every day to provide the energy you need, while keeping bills as low as possible.

We work to manage costs throughout the year — including buying and storing natural gas when prices typically are lower. We will also partner with you to help you save. We offer programs and resources to help you manage your bill year-round. And, if you’re having difficulty paying, we have payment arrangements and energy assistance options. In fact, we recently donated an additional $5 million to the Share the Warmth program to help the more than 25,000 eligible customers who need assistance with winter heating bills.

Solutions for you to manage your energy costs (:48 sec.)

Factors affecting your energy bill

Your energy bill may vary month to month and year to year.
Why bills vary

Save energy, stay comfortable and save money

Saving energy equals saving money. Reduce your natural gas bills by making simple changes around your home.
Energy-saving tips
At-home checklist
Rebates and programs

Pay the same amount each month

Budget Billing spreads out seasonal variations in your natural gas bill over 12 months. While you still pay for all of the natural gas you actually use, Budget Billing gives you more consistent monthly bills.
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For customers already enrolled in Budget Billing, you may have seen an increase in your six-month Budget amount or 12-month settlement amount. This is due to the increase in natural gas costs. Your Budget Bill is reviewed every six months, and may be adjusted to better reflect rising natural gas prices and your energy use.

Learn about payment arrangements and energy assistance

We offer simple, self-service payment arrangements and energy assistance options to help pay your natural gas bill.
Payment arrangements and energy assistance options

Compare your energy use

Access your account in our app or online to see how your energy use compares to the previous month and year. This information can help you track and understand how much natural gas you’re using.
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