excavator truck digging with back hoe on construction site

Buried facilities

Use these clearance guidelines when working around buried facilities. Keep in mind: Existing grades can change, and the current depth of a natural gas line may be different than when originally installed.

Illinois digging clearance requirements

Unexposed facilities

Hand digging should be performed when working within 18 inches from either side of facility markings. We prefer hand digging 24 inches on either side of the buried pipe.
hand dig area within 18 inches from either side of facility markings

Exposed facilities

The tolerance zone shall be cleared to the depth of your excavation as a precaution to avoid damage to the marked facility.

Trenchless technology (boring, directional drilling)

Do not blind bore. All gas facilities shall be exposed within your proposed bore path. Failure to take precautions can result in injury to anyone near the excavation. Always expose facilities to verify their depth and location when using trenchless technology.