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Natural gas prices continue to remain high

We’re here to help

As natural gas prices continue to rise nationwide due to factors such as high demand this past winter, a current lower-than-average storage inventory, and colder temperatures in April, we want you to know we’re here to help. We offer tips, programs and resources to help you manage your energy costs.

Share the Warmth

Administered for Peoples Gas by CEDA, Share the Warmth provides heating grants to income-eligible customers. Eligible customers can receive grants of up to $200 on their bills.

Customers are encouraged to go to the CEDA website to apply. If customers are having difficulty paying their bill, we will work with them to arrange a payment plan.

Reconnection fees waived

Reconnection fees for qualifying low-income customers will be waived through June 30, 2022. However, any balance due must be repaid before reconnection.

Payment plans

Residential customers who have fallen behind on their bills are eligible for a payment plan. For low-income households that participate in LIHEAP, deferred payment arrangements are available for 18 months with a 0% down payment.

For all other residential customers, deferred payment arrangements are available for 18 months with a 25% down payment. Customers can apply online, with the Peoples Gas app, or by calling 866-556-6001, through July 31, 2022.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing spreads out seasonal variations in your energy bill over 12 months. While you still pay for all of the energy you actually use, Budget Billing gives you more consistent monthly bills. Have your account number ready and sign up on the Peoples Gas app or online.

Energy Efficiency

The Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program provides energy-saving solutions and rebates for your home, apartment building or business. Learn about free energy-saving tips, products and rebates for residential and business customers.

Additional ways to save

We offer additional tips and resources to manage your energy costs and save money by using energy more efficiently in your home or business.