New service installation requirements/new construction

  • Download an application and fax it to the New Service Group at 920-430-6070 or scan it and email it to
  • Contact the New Service Group at and schedule an appointment to meet at the job site.
  • Make sure you have the following information available:
    • Load information in cubic-feet-per-hour (CFH): Include any special pressure requirements for commercial appliances, rooftop units and natural gas generators.
    • Service pipe location(s): Let us know your desired location(s) by referencing the nearest lot line. We'll try to accommodate you.
    • Responsible person: Tell us who is in charge of the project or the utility site details. For example: Owner, project manager, construction superintendent, mechanical contractor, HVAC contractor or plumber, etc.
    • Detailed utility site plan: Provide final plans that show where easements, property lines and other utility lines are located. For example: Fuel, water, sewer, telephone, electric, etc. This reduces design time and the possibility of changes later.
    • Business information: If you are a business, we need your tax identification number and relevant financial information to set up your account.
    • Before you dig, call 811 Chicago at 811

Please schedule your service pipe installation when the foundation is poured and back-filled, so we can complete the work before other trades are on the job site.

For safety reasons, we will not install service if: debris, lumber or scaffolding are present in the work area, the requested meter location fails to meet minimum clearances, or the fuel line fails a pressure test. Working closely with your construction coordinator will help you avoid any unexpected delays.