Move energy service

Request a move of your energy service from an existing address to another address within our service area.

Required information

  • Social Security number
  • Previous address

Additional information

  • Our process is secure and your information is kept confidential.
  • You must be a residential homeowner or renter.
  • None of your previous accounts can be in arrears.
  • Your request is processed in two business days.
  • Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Note: Submitting a service request does not mean we can start service. If we have issues with your request, we will contact you, which may delay processing.

Request move

Customer service

Call 866-556-6001, if:

  • You do not want to provide your information online.
  • You are moving to an address where service is off and you want to open an account.


Proof of identify request
If you have been asked to send proof of identity documents, please email them to: