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Multifamily program

Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program

Multifamily property owners, managers, developers and renters in buildings with three or more units

Our Energy Efficiency program offers free energy-saving products and incentives for energy-efficient upgrades.

Two ways to get started:

1. Multifamily energy savings

An experienced energy adviser will perform a free energy assessment of your property and install energy-saving products in tenant units and common areas. The energy adviser will assess your property’s common areas, central plant, building shell and in-unit sampling. Property managers receive a customized report summarizing free energy-saving installation options, upgrades, rebates and a cost-benefit analysis for future improvements. We offer the program in partnership with ComEd.

Program features

  • Free energy assessments We work with ComEd to help owners and tenants save energy, reduce utility costs and improve tenant retention by installing energy-efficient products such as showerheads, faucet aerators, programmable thermostats and pipe insulation – in each unit at no cost.
  • Discount services and project rebates Get discounted energy-saving services from participating contractors and rebates for upgrades.

Building owners and managers whose buildings are designated as income eligible may qualify for comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits in common areas and tenant spaces. Improvements may include free weatherization, ENERGY STAR ® certified LEDs, programmable thermostats, advanced power strips, boiler tune-ups and more. Schedule an appointment to learn more and see if you qualify.

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2. Contractor or trade ally of your choice

If you already have a contractor or trade ally, you may work with them to determine upgrades and then complete our application below to apply for rebates before you make any purchases.

Applications and forms

Savings for renters

We work with ComEd to help reduce energy and water usage. Multifamily properties with three or more units can receive free energy-saving products and incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.
Multifamily energy savings

Renters: If you are a renter who lives in a multifamily residence, we encourage you to let your property manager know about these in-unit and building energy-saving opportunities.