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Home Energy Savings

Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program

Our Energy Efficiency Program makes saving energy and lowering costs easy. We offer ways for everyone to save on every budget.

Free energy assessment

We partner with ComEd to help you reduce energy and water usage with home energy savings, which include:

  • Free energy assessment
  • Free and discounted energy-saving products
  • Personalized recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades that qualify for rebates

Program qualifiers

  • Owners of single-family homes, two-flats and individually metered condos and townhomes
  • Renters in buildings with fewer than three units, with permission from their landlords

Contact us to learn about renter savings if your building has three or more units.

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Free or discounted products may include:


Programmable/smart thermostat

Automatically adjust temperature to control home comfort and save on heating and cooling costs.

power strip

Advanced power strips

Save energy by reducing standby power wasted by home office and entertainment systems.

door sweep

Door sweeps

Install on door bottoms to seal gaps between doors and thresholds, helping save energy by preventing air leaks.

pipe wrap insulation

Pipe insulation

Reduce water consumption and energy use by insulating pipes to retain warmth coming from your water heater.

niagara showerhead

Showerheads, faucet aerators

Save up to 2,700 gallons of water annually with efficient showerheads and reduce water heating costs 30% with faucet aerators.

Additional services may be available if you are an income eligible customer.
Income-eligible offerings
Income guidelines (based on Clean Energy Jobs Act)

The Illinois Energy Efficiency Loan Program allows you to pay for energy improvement investments through a monthly loan charge on your utility bill.
Illinois Energy Efficiency Loan Program