What are my choices?

Peoples Gas always seeks the best prices for natural gas. You pay only what Peoples Gas pays, with no additional costs.

But you don't have to buy natural gas from Peoples Gas. You're free to enter into your own agreement with an alternative natural gas supplier. Pricing and supply contracts vary, and supplier rates are not regulated by the government, so you'll want to look closely at suppliers' offers.

Most offers are priced per therm, a basic unit used to measure natural gas use. You can find how many therms you typically use by looking on your monthly gas bill or through the My Account section.

Typically, supplier offers fall into the following categories (Please remember, these categories only apply to the cost of gas and not Peoples Gas' delivery charges):

  • Fixed price: Under this agreement you pay the same price per therm for natural gas each month, and your bill will vary only on the amount of gas you use. If the market price of natural gas changes, it won't affect the amount you pay per therm. This option is good for customers who prefer predictability.
  • Fixed bill: Under this agreement, you pay the same amount every month for a set period of time. If the market price of natural gas or the amount of gas you use changes, it won't affect the amount you pay.
  • Market-based or index price: Under these plans, you can expect the price for natural gas to change each month. The supplier sets the monthly price per therm based on the natural gas market.
  • Variable price: Under this plan, the price may go up or down with market trends. But instead of tying the price per therm to a market index, the supplier will base it on something else, such as their average cost to purchase natural gas.
  • Combination packages: Because some Illinois customers can also choose their electric suppliers, some natural gas suppliers offer packages that include both gas and electric services.