Manlove Field

Manlove Field is a natural gas storage facility located in Champaign County, Illinois where natural gas is stored 4,000 feet below the ground in sedimentary rocks. The area underlies approximately 27,500 acres of rural land. Manlove Field provides reliable and flexible gas storage while operating safely and efficiently. It has the capacity to store 36.5 Bcf of natural gas. That is enough gas to warm more than 320,000 homes a year.

Manlove Field is essential to the diversity of our natural gas supply. Natural gas usually costs more during the heating season when demand is high. Storing natural gas allows Peoples Gas to buy supplies in the summer months when prices are traditionally lower. When the heating season starts, the gas is removed from Manlove Field and sent to you. Instead of buying all the gas our customers need at winter prices, we can use the gas from Manlove Field that was purchased over the summer.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is also stored at Manlove Field. In times of need, the liquefied natural gas can quickly be vaporized and sent through the pipes to you. The liquefied natural gas is stored at -260°F in two insulated tanks. Each tank holds about 12 million gallons of LNG which can be converted into 1 Bcf of natural gas. We continue to invest in Manlove Field to ensure it will provide safe, secure natural gas storage for years to come.

Having a diverse natural gas supply is a smart way to minimize price spikes for customers. We do not profit from the price of gas. The price you pay for gas is the actual price we pay to purchase gas from suppliers, including the costs of interstate pipeline transportation and storage services.

* Buying natural gas today for delivery in the future.

** Buying natural gas for immediate delivery.