For more than 150 years, North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas have delivered safe, reliable natural gas to residents and businesses in Chicago and the communities between Winnetka and the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Along the way, the companies played a key role in the development of Chicagoland as one of the best places to live and work in the nation.

Key Highlights

A group of prominent citizens apply to the Illinois legislature for incorporation to begin the manufacture of gas for the city's streets and houses. The charter was signed in 1849.
Peoples Gas becomes the first utility in the city of Chicago when it lights the city's streets with natural gas lamps.
Peoples Gas helps the city rebuild after the Great Chicago Fire.
Electricity is introduced at the Columbia Exposition. Peoples Gas shifts its business from gas lighting to cooking with natural gas.
Twelve gas companies merge under the direction of president C.K.G. Billings, Jr. to become the Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co.
Peoples Gas constructs the first long-distance, high-pressure, steel natural gas pipeline from north Texas to Chicago, allowing for the first-time industrial use of natural gas.
For the first time, Peoples Gas is able to meet all demands by Chicago residents for natural gas to heat their homes, helping to clean up Chicago by diminishing its reliance on coal and oil to heat homes.
Peoples Gas purchases North Shore Natural Gas in Lake County.
Peoples Gas spins off its non-utility companies and exits the pipeline business, changing its name to Peoples Energy Corporation.
Peoples Energy merges with WPS Resources to become Integrys Energy Group, Inc., and the name of the natural gas utility serving the Chicagoland area is restored to Peoples Gas.